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Lucky Dog - Red Label Medium Fire-Roasted Pepper Sauce 5oz

From: Lucky Dog

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Lucky Dog Hot Sauce Red Label features a well balanced blend of Habanero, Jalapeno and Serrano peppers, creating a sweet-heat balance that's reminiscent of an Asian chile-garlic sauce. This is a med-hot, fire-roasted pepper sauce, rich with fresh & roasted garlic, carrots, onions and a mellow apple cider vinegar.  

An extremely versatile sauce, Red Label is well trained to be food's best friend and can be used on virtually anything from pasta and cheeseburgers to steak, on Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Thai, and Indian food. 

While there's a respectable amount of heat, Lucky Dog Hot Sauce  Red Label  is designed to enhance, rather than overpower your food.  Don't hesitate to use liberally! 

Pairing suggestions: Red Label  is the most versatile of the Lucky Dog Hot Sauce product line - pairs beautifully with Indian classics like chicken tikka masala or somosas with mint chutney, Greek Gyros with Tzatziki sauce, Middle Eastern foods like Falafel or Shwarma with hummus and tahini, on lentils & rice or in soups or salad dressing. Italian, Asian, Afghani, in Vietnamese Pho or vermicelli dishes, or on standard American fare like burgers, BBQ and more! 

2013 THE HOT PEPPER AWARD - #1 Overall Category Winner, Hot Sauce
2013 The Hot Pepper Awards, 1st Place, "Sweet"
2nd Place, 2014 Fiery Food Challenge, Hot Sauce: Asian Style - Consumer Ready

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