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Lucky Dog - Dia Del Perro - Medium Lightly Smoked Pepper Sauce 5oz

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Lucky Dog Hot Sauce's Día Del Perro, "Day of the Dog" - Alderwood-smoked serrano pepper sauce with green tomatillo, toasted onion, roasted garlic and chile tepin.   

A heartfelt tribute to the delicious taqueria-style verde table sauces of California & Mexico, this sauce pairs beautifully with chile rellenos, enchiladas with red sauce,  eggs & potatoes, mac & cheese, potatoes au gratin, papusas, pizza, soft tacos, chicken, tostadas, flautas, chili con carne, in soups, and much more.  The heat starts out as mild, but gradually creeps up to medium as the chile tepin and habanero-infused sea salt build in intensity.  

Tangy & delicious, Día Del Perro is a deep, layered and complex alternative to the classic verde-style table sauce and a must-have for Mexcan food!  

Día Del Perro was also listed among Hot Sauce Daily's Top 5 Spicy Products of 2014! 

Pairing suggestions: Highly recommended for enchiladas with red sauce, chile rellenos, chili con carne, mac & cheese, potatoes au gratin, virtually any Mexican food and more!

2014 The Hot Pepper Awards, #1 Overall, Hot Sauce2014 The Hot Pepper Awards, 1st Place - Mild
2014 The Hot Pepper Awards, 1st Place - Serrano
2014 The Hot Pepper Awards, 1st Place - Ethnic
2014 The Hot Pepper Awards, "The Picasso Award" for Art & Design
2014 World Hot Sauce Awards, 1st place, Marketing, Label
2014 World Hot Sauce Awards, 1st overall,  Marketing division

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