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Frankie V’s Kitchen - Fiery Hot Sauce 6.7oz

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Frankie V’s Fiery Hot Sauce is a habanero and vinegar based hot sauce with a unique bold flavor. This hot sauce uses a tomato and lemon base to create a tangy and outrageous taste experience! This is the “spicy ketchup” of hot sauce, perfect on everything and a hit added to Bloody Mary Cocktails!

Use it on guacamole, burritos, quesadillas, hot wings, nachos, hot dogs, in soups, hummus, egg dishes and add just a dash for spicy cocktails and appetizers.

Ingredients: organic garlic, organic lemon juice, organic white onion, organic white vinegar, white rice vinegar, habanero pepper, tomato, organic white ginger, organic salt, organic white pepper, organic mustard powder.

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