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Rocky's Wicked Killer Fish Tacos

Rocky's Wicked Killer Fish Tacos

This recipe uses Rockys Original Hot Sauce (any Rockys sauce will work)

Deep fry breaded Cod or Tilapia fillets to a golden brown. I use Zatarans fish batter, dipped in butter milk, then batter, back into buttermilk..then batter again.. two times, then...straight into hot oil. Cook to a golden brown.
Shred (or buy a bag) of shredded cabbage. Add one bag of shredded cabbage to a bowl, add 1 cup Ranch dressing, about 10-20 shakes of your favorite flavor of Rocky's sauce to taste...and mix well.
Put a few chunks of deep fried fish into a couple of steamed corn tortillas, follow with a dollop of the Rocky's-flavored cabbage mix....and get ready to experience the sustenance of the Gods :)

Submitted by Vic S., CA

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