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Jersey Barnfire Bypass

Jersey Barnfire Bypass

This recipe uses Jersey Barnfire Black Garlic Hot Sauce

Ingredients (*per bypass)                  

  • ¼ Ground beef
  • Hot Dog
  • Bacon (3 strips)
  • Original Jersey Barnfire Hot sauce
  • One long roll or bypass
  • Cheese to top if desired
Pound each ¼ pound of ground beef into a flat rectangle the length of a hot dog.
Wrap the meat around hot dog and pack it tightly around the hotdog.
Wrap the bacon around hot dog overlapping slightly and use three toothpicks to hold ends and middle in place.
Grill on low about 250-275 degrees for 5 minutes each side turning four times totaling 20 minute cook time and baste with original Jersey Barnfire each time you turn the bypass.
Melt cheese on top if you like and put it on a long roll.


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