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Hot sauce, wine and food pairings

Recently was asked on twitter what wine is good with the spicy stuff?? I heard it's hard to drink wine with spicy dishes. curious.

Hot sauce is alot like wine. Different sauces work with different dishes. I would pair light fruity sauces with white wine and fish. Heavier red sauces with a full body red and beef. Mid body and sweet sauces with pork and either red or white table wine.  Alcohol does tend to make hot sauce seems hotter but heat level is a personal preference. We have experimented making shots with hot sauce and for sure the heat was more intense.

I would say that it's not hard to drink wine with spicy food as long it is paired to your taste and the heat level is what you can handle.

Feel free to let us know what wine and food you plan on having and we can send you recommendations.

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