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Culley's... The Newest Member of the HSW Family

Culley's... The Newest Member of the HSW Family

We met Culley's at the New York hot sauce expo. They are from New Zealand and when we tasted their sauces we knew we had to buy as much as we could get while we were there. The other night I had a chance to sit down and try all these sauces again but with food this time. 

These sauces are some of my favorites and a couple of them are also the hottest we have at Hot Sauce Willie's. The Culley's Reaper Sauce is not for the faint of heart. It has a lot of flavor and some sweetness but it packs a mean punch. The Culley's Applewood Sauce is right behind it with heat but has a little better flavor unless you like the taste of the Reaper, which a lot of people do. And last but not least, the Culley's Hickory Sauce is an amazing hot sauce/ BBQ sauce hybrid with just a little bit of heat, perfect for people that don't like it too hot.

The rest of the sauces are also amazing but not as hot as the two I mentioned above. They all have great flavor and a nice kick but on the milder side. The Culley's Green Chillie sauce may be in my top 10.

I really hope that we will find a way to reorder these sauces and they will not be a once a year treat when they come to New York. Get your's before it's all gone.

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