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Eating Some Bird with Aaron of Hot Sauce Willies

So I decided to rock some cornish hens roasting them with corn bread stuffing, roasted veggies and potatoes. I love this dish cause you get to slap it all together in a single tray, throw it in the oven and in a hour or so your good to go.

Meals like this are very holiday-esk. Traditional for those winter months where a warm stuffed bird brings memories of family gatherings or reminisce of ripping open some sort of present. Alongside of this style of dinner would be the traditional cranberry sauce. So with this meal I had to bring it Hot Sauce Willie’s style and bust out the seasonal limited edition Grapes Of Wrath hot sauce!

This sauce is the perfect chilli head replacement for the traditional cranberry sauce. It has the fruity sweetness that you are looking for with the heat of the wrath it leaves behind. The texture is thick jelly like and will keep its form on your food. You def taste the grapes as well as hints of allspice, cinnamon and other flavors that are typical for winter foods. The heat is for sure up there. I found it to be one of the hotter sauces I’ve had in a while but when added to a heaping spoon of everything on your plate it tends to mellow out to give a complimentary sweet heat tone to your food.

So I say if you want to throw out that can opener and bring something new and exciting to the table, get your hands on a bottle and bring back those memories of getting too many clothes instead of toys.

Click here to get your bottle now!

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